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English Saddle Pads


Open Cell Technology
that will make a REAL difference
to YOU & YOUR horse!

Only Saddle Pad Endorsed By Back Surgeons, Master Saddlers and Veterinarians

Discover why riders of all disciplines choose ThinLine for saddle fit, function and feel.

Guaranteed the best shock absorbing saddle pad

VIDEO: The Truth Tack Review Western Saddle Pad

ThinLine: a shock-absorbing, breathable foam which molds to the horse, augments saddle fit, and enhances riding.
ThinLine is sewn onto each product. Saddle Pads have a pocket to add shims for saddle fit needs.
Properties of the foam create harmony between rider and horse. It is easy to care for and has impressive longevity.
ThinLine products have a money back guarantee you and your horse will see improved performance.
Watch this short video to see the unprecedented impact protection in a thin, light weight durable product.