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Orthopedic Tack Saddle Pad for Horse and Rider Backs

testing sensors

Prevent and repair sore backs of both horse and rider with saddle pads from ThinLine. Ultra ThinLine is the only product demonstrated by independent testing agencies to reduce rider movement. Results are similar for improved saddle fit and rider weight distribution for the comfort of the horse. 

ThinLine moves impact laterally instead of up into the riders spine.  Not only reducing back pain but providing protection for spines to keep riders riding longer with healthier backs.



Improvement to equitation and reduction of  impact  in an Ultra ThinLine Pad is quite measurable.



Additional studies took place to discover the difference in pressure distribution over the horse’s back with and without a ThinLine Pad. Results from the product test can be viewed below. 

Pressure mapping


The Magic: ThinLine gives you the most protection without loosing the close contact feel.   The only saddle pad endorsed by Spinal Surgeons and Veterinarians.


Orthopedic Tack Saddle Pad for Horse and Rider Backs