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Western Horse Tack

Western horse tack western saddle pad ThinLine is the only product endorsed by Master Saddlers, Veterinarians and Surgeons for rider and horse back health. Clinicians and trainers use ThinLine for the comfort of the horse and improved equitation for riders.

Love using the ThinLine pads! Working horses with different frames in a treeless saddle, I was still able to allow comfortable movement. My saddle never slipped (which is sometimes an issue with treeless saddles) and I had even sweat marks post workout with dry down the spine (which we look for when riding in a treeless). This little girl is a beach ball compared to some more narrow horses I have worked with the pad and it did the same thing as the other horses. The pad allowed her to move more freely and also for me as a rider to be more centered and balanced!” – Lauren Terrell.

Lauren was riding with a ThinLine Western Felt Correction Pad

Western Horse Tack

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